Wednesday, 9 September 2015

      I have a friend from the Stadium's Road,Perlis.His name is Dekyang.He's 5"6" tall,46kg,14 y/o.Although he's kinda short,he's handsome and as strong as Hercules.He likes calisthenics during free period at his 3rd floor house.His best friend is Muammar Capang and Okti.They always play Eurotruck Simulator together during the computer lesson's time.I hate Muammar because he have a symtom that is called 'pekak'.This sympom always happen during Mathematics lesson.OK,enough with Muammar Capang,Dekyang doesn't like sardine because it will make his breath stinks.He rather die than eating sardine sandwich.He likes Yeo's yoghurt,cheese bun and Dutchlady Choclate especially from a form 5 student who he admire.the best things about Dekyang is his Converse,Brax,Iphone and Eclipse spearmint.Last Raya Aidilfitri,he went to his 'homeland' at Saudi Arabia.After a couple weeks hanging there,he had a disease called 'Pepsi Hangover'.The most shocking part is his shiny,round head.There's no more 'fur' on his head.Now in September his 'fur' starts growing and curling.Thats it.Till the next time I'll post the newest update about my friend.(p/s:sorry 4 my bad english).AdiĆ³s espectador.